April 09, 2013

A Cat's Life #4

Another week gone by and this one was pretty damn busy. I worked around the clock at all of my jobs and snatched moments in between to play with friends. In fact, I was working so much and snatching so little that when a dear friend decided to practically drop in on me, I had to call off my responsibilities and invest in some quality time. 

The week started with Easter over at Badgers Hill Farm. We lit the chimineas to entice customers but it was still relatively quiet and too cold for much excitement. 
Speaking of Easter, it' a great time to catch people who normally work weekdays so my friend Claire and I took to the countryside and explored the small villages, pubs and churches surrounding Canterbury.
We stopped for a while to chat with this fine fellow...
And were excited to find chalk caves carved into the Kentish hills. 
 Inside we found old leather straps and smoke damage on the walls. We made up all sorts of theories on what the caves were for but decided to get the final verdict from Rodney, Claire's dad... I'm still waiting on an answer. Do you happen to know what they're for?

Next came a gorgeous weekend in Brighton with some dear friends. Some I haven't seen for too long, some I won't see for a while but when we get together, we always have a great time.

We lolled on the beach in the sun and had to fashion shade out of magazines.
 We filled our tummies with delicious food and sat on the terraces, despite the cold.
A touch of ping pong was necessary to warm our cockles.
As was an arcade frenzy. We left with blackened fingertips from the coins and having won nearly two and a half thousand tickets, we all collected loot including kites, rainbow slinkies, magic kits, sweets, bubbles and a bunch of tacky mugs. 
Finally we made haste to the local pub for a spread of good food and chats by the candlelight.
A lovely week indeed, reminding me to make time for myself and the people that I love. 
Success and ambition are the most important factors for some, but I know where my priorities lie.

What about you? How was your Easter week?

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