April 28, 2013

An Interview With What's Up Cupcake? Whitstable

When the cupcake craze swept over the UK years ago, you couldn't turn a corner without being confronted by pretty little numbers in swirls and swathes of buttercream and sprinkles. CUPCAKES WERE EVERYWHERE. 

Don't you remember? It was as if a tidal wave of icing had coated the nation. It could even be argued that we're still picking off the chocolate buttons to this day, that the love heart marshmallows are still haunting us now. 

As with all food trends, it started out quietly with a couple of companies like the famous Hummingbird Bakery making delightful offerings but before long, every Tom, Dick and Harry were climbing aboard the food-fad express and the problem was, they just weren't doing it very well. 

As a die-hard cupcake lover (a habit hard-formed as a child growing up in America), there were days when I just thought I couldn't go on. If I had to be mislead by another darling, dinky cupcake masquerading as something delicious but turning out to be something more akin to total skank, then cupcakes just weren't worth eating anymore. 

Until I found Sarah at Whitstable's 'What's Up Cupcake?'
Her little shop has proudly stood the test of time for the very reason why everyone went cupcake crazy in the first place and that's because of one simple fact. 

They are utterly delicious.
Oh and plus, Sarah is an absolutely lovely person.

Hi Sarah!
 Where are you from?
From right here in Whitstable. Born and bred. I just absolutely love the town and I can't keep away. I tried travelling but I ended up right back here, where I'm the happiest.

Why did you decide to open What's Up Cupcake?
For about five months, I travelled around parts of Australia and ended up in Dubai helping an events company. Somehow, I always ended up on the food projects and so it started growing from there. I was really excited by the start of the cupcake movement with Lola's and Hummingbird opening up and decided that it was something that Whitstable would absolutely love, that they could benefit from such a pretty idea. I love cupcakes, I just love them.
(My friend Jess is excited, too)

Why are you different?
I only use natural ingredients. That's it. I will absolutely not compromise on flavour and make something artificial. Our cupcakes really are as good as they look. So many companies make these incredible looking cupcakes but their priority is the appearance and not what is actually inside. My priority has always been the taste and I have had to develop my look over time but I still avoid certain things like the food colouring blue- it's just wrong. I'll incorporate it into the look, with mini bunting or blue decorations, but no way is it going in the cake! 
We're a family business and you'll find us all here: me, mum, my auntie and so on. We're closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays because it really is quite an effort to keep up to date with all our orders. We don't cut corners and to get the best results, we work really hard but we love doing it. I only want my customers to eat what I'd eat- it has to be perfect.

How do you feel about Whitstable and what's your favourite thing to do?
Passion. Whitstable is about passion and that is so clear to see in all the independent shops and the community that we have here. Everybody falls in love with Whitstable. It's hard not to. We have the sea, the town and the charm. Oh and the colour!
As for going out and about, I never get tired of going to the Shangri-La Thai restaurant. It's AMAZING. A drink at the Pearson's Arms at sunset on the beach is lovely, too.

It's obvious to see that Sarah really loves what she does and hopes that you do too, and we do, we really do.

A little cupcake love goes a long way...

So there you have it, cupcake lovers. The best cupcake shop around. From Thursday to Sunday, you know where to find your fix. Aren't you just a little tempted?

64 Harbour Street, Whitstable, Kent. CT51AG

Support Sarah at Facebook, Twitter and on her very own website.
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