May 03, 2017

Through the Hatch | West Hythe | Kent

Braised Duck, Sesame Miso Glaze, Smoked Rhubarb and Chipotle Salsa. 

London gets all the publicity. The hundred best things to do... the top ten places to eat... the definitive list of secret gardens... I should know, I run a website about it with my twin brother. 

I'll let you in on a secret though: I think there are often better and more worthy places outside of this capital, usually on the merit that they are in little known spots, as well as being unique. There's just so much to see and do in this city, how do you know that you're getting quality over quantity? How can so many interesting businesses side by side really capture your heart when they're all calling out for you to move on to the next? If you know the answer, please tell me. I'd love to visit. 

The weekend just gone, we hired a van to escape the city with the Lion King soundtrack some great tunes blaring and a tray of flat whites to see us over the border into Kent. We spent a while in Sandgate (more to come on this in another post), and followed it by a jaunt on Folkestone Arm. Our ultimate destination, however, had only food in mind.

And Through the Hatch was just the place for it. Literally a hatch within a micro brewery (Hop Fuzz - serving local ales and ciders) this small venue is just next to the river in rural West Hythe and was formerly an industrial unit. 

Describing their offering as 'Honest local produce. Evolving eclectic eats.' it is certainly just that. It's a casual affair - sit by the river, on the banks, inside, or where you will - the food is just excellent. So good, in fact, that everybody ordered seconds. As in, second burgers, second tacos, second everything, so it helped that it was reasonably priced to boot. The best news? The food is inspired by city street food and changes on a regular basis, giving Through the Hatch the room to explore new concepts, and you the room to explore more eating. 

Connor the owner, who opened the kitchen in January of this year, hopes that it will become a destination for foodies and for those looking to experiment or try new things.

Karrage Fried Chicken, Katsu Sauce & Daikon Shredded Chinese Cabbage, Mayo, Potato Roll

Oriental Vegetables, Jiaozi Pastry Dumplings, Ponzu Dippng Sauce 

Albeit it's a little out of the way, but the very fact that it exists on an unassuming corner of a narrow country lane in Kent gives you permission to while away the afternoon as it dawns into the evening, the sun sets overhead and, moreso, because you probably won't be able to move after all that delicious food.

Hop Fuzz & The Hatch

Unit Number One

Riverside Industrial Estate
West Hythe
CT21 4NB

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