May 29, 2012

Vinito, Barcelona

For the very few of you who have followed this blog from the start, you will know that I started it with the intention of reviewing cafes around Spain and the UK. However, during that time there was an epic bus strike, which thwarted my best laid plans and so it then merely became a log of my ramblings with a polite smattering of cafe action. So the Cafe Cat hasn't really been about cafes for a while, has it?

Well, today readers that is about to change as I introduce to you Barcelona's lovely 'Vinito'... the perfect spot for a quick hit of lovely wine in the evening. Located on C/Parlament it boasts a small, warm charm and is only a few doors down from one of my favourite cafes 'Federal', more of which I shall talk about in another post (if I ever feel twatty enough to whip my camera out in there!). 

C/Parlament is a street nestled between Parallel and Sant Antoni, which offers a charming array of places to quench your thirst or satisfy your hunger. Vinito is one of them and offers shelves packed wall to wall with different bottles and spirits and there are large oak barrels filled with lusty wines, promising you a cosy tummy and a starry-eyed glaze. My personal favourite is the Rioja, which comes in at only 2.50€ for two glasses.
Perch yourself with your favourite pal at a tall table that spills into the street amongst a mass of merry bodies and sip gently as the warm mustardy light creeps through the claret bottles and illuminates faces. 

It is the perfect spot for a little wine, a little cheese and a great start to any evening before moving on to wider plains. 
En route to Apollo (a gaudy club on Parallel) there is a zesty little pit stop where you can grab a cheap cocktail and have a mini-shimmy to the 50s rock and roll music they play or, for you cheap bastardos, you can always pick up a sexy beer from a man loitering on a street corner.

What's more, is that Vinito also sells the wine by the litre for you to carry home and continue the fun for just a mere 1.90€. So, if the streets or clubs of Barcelona don't take your fancy, just pop the lid off your plastic bottle and pour away! They also have homemade Vermouth... perfect for Sunday lounging and a little hazy afternoon tapas action.

It's simple, really. If you live in Barcelona- get involved. 


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  1. I love the men who sell 'sexy beer'. Classic marketing line! :) xxx


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