July 26, 2012

5 Reasons Why I Love Barcelona

Oh Barcelona! What a wonderfully bright, beamy city... Our relationship has manically flapped between the good and the bad and now that I might have to leave you, it is like you have opened your big wings and knocked me off my feet into your arms. If I have to go, you should know that I love you and here are five of the biggest reasons why:
1. The Sky
What a glorious, sprawling beacon of blue! I have never known such a kind sky that shines so relentlessly like gold in the air of summer and displays the most magnificent pink sunsets that fill the room like the memory of roses.Twee, but totally true...
 Even when it gets a bit stroppy, it pulls out all the stops.
2. Encants, Flea Market
Possibly my favourite hideaway... Come rain or shine, I cannot resist racing down Gran Via on my bicycle to get to this place, diving headfirst into the humming, chaotic chasm of treasures; a yawning fissure of thingamajigs. 
It's not only great for finding bygones and antique keepsakes but also for fabric.
And, if you're going through particularly poor times, as I often am, there are giant piles of clothes for you to delve into and rummage wildly amidst the cries of 'EUROOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! SOLO UN EUROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!'
3. La Basilica Galleria
What do you mean you haven't been here? Possibly the greatest jewel of, in my personal opinion, the best part of the city- the old Jewish quarter in the Gotic. 
This incredible jewellery shop boasts three rooms brimming with shiny delights... a magpie would be off his tits in this place. The floors are littered with rose petals, there are large silicon sculptures totally adorned and dripping in crystals and the cabinets showcase macabre necklaces of cockroaches or bunny rabbits with bloody holes through their hearts. 
Sequin-lady photo is courtesy of Papa Bear (David Gurteen KM GURU)
Cabinet of delights is from the fair hand of Cat of Curiosity (Lauren Gurteen BOG RAT)
4. Federal, Satan's Coffee Corner, Vinito, Iposa and all the other sensual places to mooch around
It has to be said. I am my mother's daughter and I LOVE to eat and drink. As a creature of habit, I tend to end up haunting places that I like the most and Federal, Satan's Coffee Corner, Vinito and Iposa are all contenders for my tummy and my heart.
Iposa, article to come
5. La Boqueria Market- Specifically, the fishies!
Perhaps a slightly obvious choice but the word obvious exists for a reason, obviously. This market is an absolutely stunning example of why Spain is so famous for its food. It is filled to the rafters with sights, smells and bustling bodies. I like to go around 11am on a Friday morning when the fish stands are bursting and just walk around in circles looking at their amazing little faces and making up stories for them...
You can see more of these guys, here.
There are so many things about Barcelona that I love and would be heartbroken to say goodbye to and I haven't even included my number one hotspot... that's for a later date. I hope you'll come back to find out. 


  1. I love that 2nd sky pic! OOO wee! Also, I wish I'd know about that jewelry store earlier. Have you received any treats from there lately?

  2. Ahh man, such a good jewellery store... I got a brooch for my birthday from there.. yay!!!
    You owe me an email detailing everything please, xxx


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