September 25, 2012

An Autumn Walk at Sunset

The air was cool last night but warmed with the orange hue of the impending sunset. We pulled on our boots. Vicki, Bruce and I trudged out of the door and quickened our pace to the orchard past the blackberries that cried out to be picked. "I'll come back for you" I whispered as Bruce tugged on his lead and pulled us away eagerly.
Stepping through the hedgerow, we arrived in the orchard, which was bathed in autumn colours and peppered with rosy red apples. Overhead, clouds laced with pink sailed past the crescent moon, pushed by the force of darkness to come.
I stooped quickly to gather a little apple in my hands. It was plump and firm and as I bit into it, the skin gave way to cool, crisp flesh. It was the sweetest apple I had ever tasted.
We soon came to the forest and one by one we made our way into its depths...
Shaded by the trees, the light twinkled through the leaves, throwing shadows and shapes; illuminating the brown, reds and rusts with a golden glow. When we came to clearings, we could see the sun sinking lower and lower.
And so we sallied forth, up pebbled steps and through the green and brambles until we came to the watch tower. 
We were just in time to stand for a few moments and watch the sun cast its final rays across the landscape, before slipping into slumber; admitting defeat to the moon and the cloak of darkness that sat waiting to smother all. 
In silence and thought we stood, watching nature's greatest gift burst into flames, fill the landscape with a kaleidoscope of  colours and finally, disappear. Drawing in a deep breath, we sighed.
"Goodbye sunshine" we said. "See you tomorrow."


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