October 10, 2012

Three Things I Love #4

1. The colour red

In this most wonderful season of the year, my favourite colour is in abundance and in such glorious shades. It splashes itself about a bit like a lady of the night. Heavy ivy that was once green now bursts into flame.  The hollybush is decorated with little scarlet spherical berries and, best of all, things ready to be foraged become illuminated. Like the humble rose hip. Excellent in oils for curing scars and even better as a syrup to mix in with your cocktails!

2. The sunrise and morning walks

Some people can't understand why I sleep with the curtains open. Well, do you know what I tell them? You are missing out on some of the most beautiful moments of the day. The sun rise in autumn swathes the land in decadent colours, rousing those that sleep and signalling to the nocturnal to beat a hasty retreat.

 Once the sun has fully arrived, it pores into the lanes and streams through the trees. On my morning walk I like to sing loudly because there's no one around to hear. Well, except maybe the field mice and the birds. Oh, and that pesky white dog at the oast house.

3. THIS face

Readers, meet Buddy. Buddy, meet my readers. This cat cracks me up and creeps me out all at the same time on a regular basis. AKA the 'sex offender' Buddy's facial expression is usually one of utter gormlessness merged with something that errs on the side of perversion. Saying that, he is very affectionate and when you can deter him from making love to your shoulder/stomach/teddy bear he settles down nicely on your lap and gives the sweetest purr like a tinkling bell. He's no Bubba but his company is appreciated.
Most of the time.



  1. Aw Buddy is cute too, he does have quite the strange facial expression though, but I go on the basis that all cats are mad. I used to sleep with the curtains open because I had no curtains... and it was nice. Now my curtains are practically see through so really I should leave them undrawn. xxx

  2. I used to sleep with the curtains open for the same reason...I haven't done it in a while though...guess I forgot or needed those extra minutes when working in the chaotic world...

  3. Buddy is amazing, I want to be his friend! That first photo is brilliant; I aim to express that level of disdain on a regular basis, but I can't pull it off like Buddy has!

    Janey x

  4. I'll be sure to let him know but I warn you, he won't leave you alone! xxx


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