November 29, 2012

Zuckerhaus, Barcelona

When it comes to deliciousness in Barcelona, you don't have to travel far to hit a bakery brimming with croissants and perfectly formed buns. Hell, since the cupcake revolution, you'll probably even find frosting fun times if you keep your eyes peeled in most barrios.

Now, in Barcelona, all these cake places are especially modern and, as you know, I'm a big fan of bygone days. So when I stumbled upon Zuckerhaus, housed in an old hair salon, I was thrilled to see a combination of tradition and prettiness that delighted me to no end. 
Barcelona, Zuckerhaus, Cake
And what's more dear readers, is that it is one of a kind! That's a whole bunch of brownie points as far as I am concerned. I steamed through the door, armed with my camera and a hunger to satiate. 
Zuckerhaus, Barcelona, Cake
Just look at all this loveliness. All pulled together by a one-woman show. I didn't speak to Manuela (I wish I had but sometimes my nerves get the better of me) but rumour has it that she is half German, half Italian. Either way, she's got a darling little business on a great street of Barcelona. C/Parlament is home to wonderful cafes, restaurants and shops including Federal , Vinito, Tarrana and possibly the best horchata stop in the city. If you're in the city, this street is unmissable.

What I love the most about Barcelona is all the places that have been taken on by someone with a passion and who can bring all of their qualities, ideas and intricacies under one roof. Zuckerhaus is a very fine example of the stories of Manuela all combined into a winning recipe. Her personality and love for what she does is clear to see.

And the proof is in the punch. Afternoon tea, anyone?
Zuckerhaus, Barcelona, Cake
Zuckerhaus, Barcelona, Cake
A job very well done, Manuela. Keep up the good work!
Zuckerhaus, Barcelona, Cake
Zuckerhaus, Barcelona, Cake


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  1. Anonymous15 July, 2013

    Is there somewhere to sit and enjoy the cakes in Zuckerhaus?


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