January 21, 2013

A Hungry Heart

Good evening all,
I haven't been around much, have I? Well, as a result of the snow, I have been hopping around the place, trying to find warmth and beds in which to stay. It's lucky I have such nice friends who are helping to take care of me in this extensive transitional period. I say transitional period... what I really mean is torrent of relentless mini hurdles in which I seem to attract trouble be it to do with lack of work, money or the misguided attempts of my hungry heart. Ho ho ho! It's been a merry few weeks. Sometimes you've just got to go along with it all though, hey?
I've been doing a lot of coffee drinking, walking, staring at rivers, reading and hanging out with cats. It's been beautiful to watch the weather changing so dramatically the way it has. I suppose the weather is quite like life, really. Unpredictable but pretty beautiful.

Here are a few pictures from my topsy turvy week:

At least one thing in my life is consistent. Buddy is always thrilled to see me. Aren't you Buddy?
Ha! This cat cracks me up. Anyhow, I apologise for my lack of better posts lately. BEAR WITH. I promise to bound back with plenty of 'profound' things to say soon...

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  1. Love the snowy passageway...we need to catch up goddamit! xxx But I do have a headache right now...

  2. i am a frequent visitor, but i'm just not doing well with comments. :)


  3. Lovely piccies especially the top one.

  4. Life like weather is unpredictable but pretty beautiful. Awesome.

  5. Some lovely pictures :D Sounds like you're having a tough time, hope you land on your feet soon, but atleast you're getting to spend some time figuring out what you want to do :D



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