February 18, 2013

A Countryside Kitty

City or country?
Town or earth?
Either, or, put your best foot forth.
On the days of winter's demise, sally ahead where springtime signs
Will ignite the kindling in your heart
Sparking hope of a new season's start.
Need not your coat but perhaps your boots
Look to the breeze
To determine your route
And climb up through the orchards
 Into the woods
Following the path like a good girl should.
Up up and up higher

To find views to admire.
If you look you will see
Sweet memories to be

Stories to tell
Of what you beheld
Of nature
Of man
And together perchance
Their power as one
To charm and enchant.
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  1. Sorry, writing from my phone! Hence the typo!

  2. Beautiful words and pictures. I grew up in the country and now I live in the city... Still not sure where my heart lies. xx


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