February 11, 2013

Monday Dreaming

It's Monday. It's cold and wet. And so it's time to dream...
One day, it wouldn't surprise me that I should have my own cafe. I'm drawn to cafes like a moth to a flame. I think perhaps it's because I like my own company but also to know that there are other people around me to reach out to should the mood take me. A cafe is a place to escape to but tinged with the potential of meeting kindred spirits. You only have to poke your nose over your book and have a look around.
If I had my own cafe, the ceilings would be sky high with light pouring in from the soaring windows.
There would be giant maps hanging on the walls
And plenty of books!
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  1. If you get a cafe I will be one of the first in the queue to visit as I know it will be a fabulous place to seek sanctuary. I love nothing more than sitting in a cafe with a steaming cuppa, a slice of cake a good book and just letting life drift over me. Bliss.

  2. Me and a friend always had this idea to set up our own cafe, and call it Babushka. Maybe we will.. I love ones with books, and cats too if possible. xx

  3. Great bog and great pictures especially the second one. Which cafe is it?

  4. I still dream of doing it. I have lots of books on the subject if you want.


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