March 06, 2013

If You Look For Signs

 It's amazing how often I walk and forget to look around me. My mind is too busy with its own matter to pay attention to what is going on around me. It's difficult though, I'm always carried away on one emotion or another. Yesterday, I made a concerted effort to try and LOOK, SEE and LISTEN.

Waiting for a friend, rather than busy myself with my own thoughts, I eavesdropped on the conversations of passers-by. I wish I'd had a pen and paper to write down what I heard! Holy moley! What a funny lot of nonsense. Sentences removed from context lend the potential for innocent exchanges to be interpreted in entirely different ways. 

I enjoyed taking the time to stop and look at people. At their faces. At their animation and at their pleasure to be in the sunshine.
Moving on from people, I found tales in other guises. In spaces that are now what they are and what they once were.
The park above looked like any other park until I saw this sign peeking out from behind the bushes. 
What a fascinating and grim history. I walked back to take another look and to imagine the thick smoke of horrendous substance hanging in the sky, a crooked man bent in the plumes, hard at his horrid work.

It's amazing how once you start to look, everywhere is trying to tell you a story. 

And it's not just big cities like London... There are dozens of these little placards placed around Canterbury City Centre. 

How many of them can you find?

 And finally, once you've turned from man and from his concrete forms, what about the nature that surrounds us and the signs that it gives? The small ones that we so often overlook?

These little catkins are nature's very first way of saying that spring is coming.
 Even the sky is saying that winter is almost over.

Winter is almost over.

And so I say there's only one thing for it.

What will you find if you look, see and listen?

The world is waiting to tell you.

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