November 20, 2013

When Fifi Met Sally: Blogloving

Sometimes, you meet people with whom an instant spark flies, igniting the flame of a firm friendship.

When Fifi McGee first came to my attention, I was sipping my afternoon tea and mulling over my next move for the day. She popped up on Twitter, a smiling little picture and I wasted no time in having a gander at her blog before dropping her a line to say hi and she replied almost instantly. I almost think she was sitting there waiting. 

Since that fateful moment, lines simply haven't stopped dropping. It's been a frenzy of words, of giggling belly aches and the discovery that we have very much in common indeed, including judging people who drink white wine over red.

Look, here she is! 
Tell us a little more about yourself, Feefs... (she came up with these questions!)

Wha's your name and where d'ya come from? *cilla black style*
Howdy ho, I'm Fifi (or Fiona, whatever takes your fancy) and I'm from the beautiful shores of Brighton. Born & bred here and no plans to ever leave.. bit sad really.

Tell everyone about your blog 
My blog is a pretty new fifi project. I've been a reader of many *famous* bloggers since they were just seeds in a big google crawler and always aspired to have my own one day. Procrastination being my middle name, I never got round to setting one up until 3 years later, I realised I had zero hobbies and it was time I got myself some. 6 months on and I'm now an avid baker, and have made too many wonderful friends through blogging. Never expected it, jeeeez.

What's the coolest thing you've ever done?
I asked Josh Widdecombe to marry me on twitter, minutes before bumping into him at an awards event to which he replied 'nah you're alright' TRUE WORDS.

What are your thoughts on Craig David
The guy's a GOD. How he gets so much done in one week, I'll never know.

Describe what you would do if you suddenly became swarmed by paparazzi
I'd probably really enjoy this. Me and my bestie Joanna did a bus tour across Europe for a month, and the whole time we pretended we were famous, hilariously over-dramatising our importance. We'd throw on massive sunglasses and periodically say 'oh those god damn paparazzi, never leaving us alone' whenever anyone whipped their cameras out to photograph the leaning tower of Pisa. Our fellow travellers hated us.
If you could live anywhere in the world, with anyone you want where would you escape to? 
A cabin in the woods, log fires, my favourite people and van loads of Rioja. That's the dream.

What's your favourite thing to do when you have a week off work? 
I haven't had a week off work since Glastonbury so there's no comparison really, Glastonbury Festival all the way. I had the time of my life. Failing that, me and Neil (the man) take regular little excursions across the country bringing nowt but a tent, some hunter wellies, and his camera for a spot of illegal camping/serious star papping. Heaven!

And so it is that Fifi and I came to be in 'blogger love' with each other. In light of our blooming romance, we have decided to take our online relationship, offline. So in the coming weeks and seasons, you'll be subject to our adventures in both London and Brighton and the packages of joy we send to one another. 

Here's some pics of our first exchange, set with an autumnal theme...

Who doesn't love things in the post?



  1. Ah I just love blogger friendships! I've made so many wonderful friends through my blog, which is something I never expected when I first started :)


  3. Gaaah you guys are the SWEETEST! I am new to you and your lovely blog and oddly to Fifis too…but i didnt come across her through you…i am not sure where i did, i think twitter?!!? Aaanywho, i digress, i love this. I have 'met' the lovliest lot through my little blog and speak to some of them more than i actually speak to my real life friends. Blogging is a fab thing for sure. Big love xxxxx

  4. Awww this is the cutest!! So nice to see such a lovely friendship start from blogging and what adorable little parcels!! xx

  5. I love this, I sometimes find it hard to believe how many wonderful friendships I've made through blogging.


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