December 24, 2013

When Fifi Met Sally: Merry Christmas!

Don't you just love getting things in the post?

Especially when you recognise the handwriting.

If it's something from Fifi, it usually results in a war whoop and a cartwheel.
The Cafe Cat Christmas
Here's the Christmassy latest from my favourite pen pal:

Dear Sally, 

How are you ma main lady?! Thank you so so much for showing me a completely different (and poetic!) side of London when I came to visit. I'm still elated I got to meet la 4Ps homegirl before Christmas came upon us! What are your plans for crimbo by the way? I shall be sitting legs apart bearing a preggos belly from food consumption, sipping on the ol' faithful Campo Viejo, thinking of you!
When Fifi Met Sally
By the way, have you spotted the back of your decoration yet? In true 'When Fifi Met Sally' style I'VE GONE PERSONAL! Searched high up, low down for one of those bad boys online... ain't he cute??
When Fifi Met Sally
I sense an overload of birthday and Xmas presents coming your way with nowt but your name written all over things, brace yourself for the coming years!! 

Looking forward to showing you around Brighton in the New Year... Get down here girl! Oh and by the way,


Love Fifi, x
And Happy Christmas from the Cafe Cat, too!


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