April 06, 2014

Fish at La Boqueria, Barcelona

The Cafe Cat Barcelona
There's plenty of things I love to do but none so much as pulling on my shoes and taking to the city. 

For this reason, I do miss Barcelona dreadfully, especially since I lived moments from La Boqueria, the city's biggest and most vibrant food market. 

On days where I hadn't much planned, which was most of the time, I would trot on down there simply just to look, feel and think.

A marketplace is so full of stories. You can be alone but surrounded wholly by words, sights and inspiration dancing majestically, often mischievously around you- whirling through your senses. 

At La Boqueria, I was always drawn to the centre where the fishermen and women would sell their daily catch. There was something intricate and so very fascinating about the expressions on the little fishy faces and I would walk ever so slowly, making up tales for the most beseeching of eyes, or the saddest of stares.

There was something quite horrifically beautiful about them all piled up, glimmering and frozen in the last vision of their final heartbeat, the lights and shadows dancing on their dead, glassy eyes. 

Fish at La Boqueria

Fish Faces

Fish Faces Barcelona

Fish Faces

Fish Expressions

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