July 16, 2014

The Spoke Cafe | Holloway Road | London

Holloway Road is a stretch of Islington with shops and cafes that somewhat hide behind a linear stream and yet, behind doors, speak of much character.

From the rather seedy but exceptionally grand Coronet, to my favourite new discovery, the Afghan rug shop, I'm always finding new places to haunt.
Holloway's Road's latest addition to London's Cafe Culture
I'd been meaning to visit cafe, the Spoke, for a while and was finally invited by a new friend for coffee and conversation, where we sat in a dapple of fierce midday light pouring through the windows and got to talking about our shared interest in collaborative ventures.
Poetry at the Spoke
 Set inside an old public house, the Spoke comes with soaring ceilings and clean, muted colours that  translate to the fresh and tasty sounding menu that is prepared in a pristine open kitchen.
Open Kitchen at The Spoke Cafe
Locally owned,the cafe draws the neighbourhood inside its doors, inviting them to eat, relax and talk in a casual setting. Aside from essential coffee, they also serve burgers and bespoke British cocktails.

Bicycles are, of course, welcome and so makes the perfect post-peddle destination.
The Spoke Cafe, Kitchen
A pleasure to discover another gem so close to home, I'll be sure to return.

Perhaps you'll join me there?

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