August 26, 2014

A Cat's Life #14

Kitchen Still Life
After such skies and rain, there was little else to do but cook for the hoard that stormed into our house over the weekend and sit for hours at the table musing.
Celia's Saucer
During brief moments of sunshine, I nipped out for ingredients or fleeting coffee meetings - discovering new places and people when I hadn't expected to.
Holloway Road Fishmongers

Indonesian Cooking with Celia's Saucer
I tried my hand at Indonesian cuisine - whipping up this Gado Gado, which is full of simple flavours but takes patience to co-ordinate when hungry mouths are waiting to eat.

I also resorted to an old favourite, Sweetcorn Chowder - such an easy recipe that I picked up from the lovely ladies at Ez and Moss cafe on Holloway Road. 
Soup Recipes from Celia's Saucer
Of course, all visitors are subjected to a stroll to Ruby Violet for ice cream (it saves me the hassle of having to make pud!)  - I especially enjoyed the English Lavender and mused that rose might make a nice, light flavour.
Lavender Ice Cream
The Cafe Cat Photography
Tufnell Park Ice Cream Parlour
What do you think might make a lovely late summer ice cream?

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