October 26, 2014

Celia's Saucer | Lindt Chocolate Mousse & Lava Cakes

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Cooking with Lindt Chocolate  

 While I'm generally a 'from scratch' kind of gal in the kitchen, it's always good to know there are quicker options to draw upon in a time of need, especially when all that's required is a extra twist to bring them to life. 

 Working with Lindt* is always a pleasure and although I prefer not to shop with big brands, I really do enjoy the community around Lindt and the genuine excitement for their products I gauge from the bloggers and customers I reach out to.

Hot-off-the-press, their new cooking range is really rather delightful and so easy that anyone can whip them up.

I added a little extra to each and invited my brother around for the taste test... They did not disappoint.

Chocolate Mousse in Teacups Recipe 
Smooth, light and ready within the hour, the only added ingredient to this mix is 250ml of milk Essentially a posher and richer version of angel delight, I poured the mixture into mismatching teacups and topped them as follows.

With crushed pistachios, sea salt and extra virgin olive oil
Chocolate Mousse topped with Pistachios, Sea Salt and Olive Oil

With toasted pumpkin seeds and a little chilli powder
Chocolate Mousse topped with Pumpkin Seeds and Chilli
 And another with toasted and caramelised pecans, eaten before it could be photographed.

Easy Chocolate Desserts
 My favourite of the two, this lava cake couldn't be easier to whip up - just add and whizz in two eggs, oil the foil tins provided, dust with a little flour and scoop your mix equally between them. Eight minutes in the oven, ten to stand and you've got soft-in-the-centre delights that are ready to dust with icing sugar and drown in double cream. I added a beautiful golden salted caramel from the M&S Christmas Food Range for effect.

And that's it. Available to buy online, and reasonably priced at £2.99 and £5.99 respectively, there's really no room for argument but plenty of time to save.

*I work with Lindt as part of their SEO and wider marketing strategy - if you're an established food blogger, writer or photographer on the look out for new products to try, please do drop me a line at sally dot gurteen at 4psmarketing dot com.

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