May 19, 2016

Love is not a feeling | #CapturedInWords

If feelings are, by their very nature, fleeting, isn't it wildly irrational that we chase feelings like love and of happiness in the pursuit of somehow harnessing them? If only we could stay 'in love' or 'be happy' - two of the most pervasive ills of modern human thinking. 

Why are we not taught how to love, rather than to expect or think we deserve it? To love is not a feeling, it's an act of will. Why are we not taught how to be mindful, to be kind to ourselves, and to disengage from negative, destructive thought, to reassess it constructively when it's passed? Happiness is not a feeling, it is the regulation of mindset or attitude, albeit a difficult, elusive and fluid spectrum, but we're not alone, so why are educated not to ask for help?

Why aren't we taking mental and emotional health more seriously in our schools, or within our society at scale? Are we just hopeless romantics or does our whole modern philosophy need reassessing? 


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