June 16, 2016

Actions Speak Louder Than Words | #CapturedInWords

When I posted John Donne’s most famous poem ‘No Man Is An Island’ the other day, it was the beginning of a thought process that started with its clear relevancy to the EU referendum but evolved to bore down into the individual, becoming a critical investigation into the spirit of those in the remain camp, where my own tent is firmly pitched but still quivers under inspection.

We all speak of standing united and, yet, as individuals, how much do we practise what we preach? How many of us invest beyond ourselves as much as we can give? Besides voting, or airing our concerns on social media, what do we each do to live and breathe our political persuasion, or our very beliefs?

Removing the question of the referendum, removing words that flow freely as we bask in the right of the freedom of speech, can we, or can you, quantify the actions that qualify towards what you purport to believe in? Whether indeed it's political, or simply emotional in relation to the life that you lead?

Returning to the referendum, vote remain, of course, but call to question how much you mean it. If we remain after all, can you really go back to resting on the laurels that are your valid but vacant words, or can you make more of a contribution to a union that quite crucially needs reform, and would benefit from every hand on deck, every small or enormous well-meant act?

If there are things you’ve been meaning to do, do them. If you have plenty to say, say it by all means, and then do it. Do anything that shows you believe we're better together - from the way you treat the people around you, to the very miles beyond that. 

Actions speak far louder than any words.

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