November 20, 2016

Notes at 6:16am | #CapturedInWords

 Last night I dreamt of a burnished American landscape in Fall 
My reflection hung and pregnant upon my own gaze; 
A swollen haunting of self, to myself. 
I dreamt of trees blazing a furious trail of death 
Weeping amber leaves.

I dreamt of the rich farmland of New England 
And a sense of time that ran away 
Time is running away.
Racing across a glazed-lit horizon
I saw the faces of children 
In timber-framed windows 
Grimacing in the echo 
Of the plump pumpkin expressions beside them
Smiling toothlessly.


I have a terrible habit of never finishing what I set out to write and you know what? That’s fine. For me, writing is a progressive, evolutionary act and so I try to publish in short, first drafts to give myself less of a hard time and the freedom to capture whatever I feel at a given time. 

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