January 29, 2017

No Blue In Your Eyes | #CapturedInWords

There is no blue in your eyes, really
Just the scattering of light
Of conversations started
And left, unfinished

Blue, behind the sun's set
Of frameless Turner skies
With black ink iris

There is no blue in your heart
But a steel-hard pipe
Rigid from cold water
Escaping parted lips

Flushing the shaft
Your hero-eye dart
That plays all the parts

Eyes without blue, then
Blood under lips
With thunderbolt bites

Blue blood is never seen, though
It's just perception
No blue at all
Just the scattering of light


I have a terrible habit of never finishing what I set out to write and you know what? That’s fine. For me, writing is a progressive, evolutionary act and so I try to publish in short, first drafts to give myself less of a hard time and the freedom to capture whatever I feel at a given time. 

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