June 09, 2017

Zona N16 | London Cafes | The Cafe Cat

You can't swing a cat along Stoke Newington's Church Street these days without hitting a cafe (and probably a good number of hipsters). There are some that are worth a visit, and some not so much, but at least you can't say there isn't choice. 

Zona N16 is quite new to the collection and comes quite highly recommended. My twin brother exclaimed 'well, that's the best brunch I've had in ages' and, as his world primarily revolves around eating and giving me grief, it's a well-earned statement. 

The challenge with being one cafe among many, is the ability to stand out. Zona N16 takes care of this by writing extremely large messages in the window about their brunch, and being new enough still to pique interest. The food does the rest. The coffee also does, but it depends on who makes it for you. I've been a few times and tend to make a beeline for the smiley Australian guy. 

The menu is described as having a European influence. You shouldn't expect something specifically Italian, Spanish or French though (or any other European country for that matter). What's on offer is a  refined selection of the owner's choice of what he likes and has brought together in a good array of brunch dishes - pancakes, poached fruit, eggs benny (with salt beef), smoked fish, the East London essential Ruben....

 In short, there is something for everyone, including the quandary over where to sit. People-watching in the window? In the palm-leaf adorned back? Or on the small decking catching the rays of the British Summer? I suspect I'll have frequented all three before the season is over. 


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