December 10, 2017

Moon Faces | #CapturedInWords

(Carrying on from Milk Moon)

There were a dozen moons that night. She counted them from the wheelbarrow as George raced them around the perimeter of the barley fields, a stray blade tucked between his teeth in concentration, his hands clutching both handles. Laughing in delight, counting one, two, three, four, each moon greeted her with a different expression: the peekaboo moon slotted between the trees; the heavy gawping orb weighted on the horizon; the undulating glimmer; the milk moon face of May.

A siren sounded, catching in the faltering turn of the wheels as George came to a momentary halt, howling as if it were drawn from the mouth of the moon and only rising in insistence as the wheels turned once more in the direction of safety. Again they raced, only this time with an urgency that frightened Celia deeply, feeling the sharp jolts from the earth that ran with them, jarring her vision. Caught in momentum, the only constant in sight was the horizon, now divided between a menacing umbra and quaking light. The moon arrested her in different expressions: bleeding in dissolution; screaming in its constant, fractured light; gathering form again in permanence; bearing its eternal witness.

I have a terrible habit of never finishing what I set out to write and you know what? That’s fine. For me, writing is a progressive, evolutionary act and so I try to publish in short, first drafts to give myself less of a hard time and the freedom to capture whatever I feel at a given time. 

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