November 09, 2014

JING Tea | The Gift of Time

Thousand mountains greeted my departing friend
When spring tea flourishing again
His profound knowledge about picking tea
Through morning mist or twilight clouds
That solitary journey has being my envy
Rendezvous in a temple of a remote mountain
We enjoyed picnic by a clear pebble fountain
In this silent night
Lit a candle light
Knocked a marble bell for chime
While deep in thought for old time.
Black Teas from Jing Tea
 When it comes to buying gifts, I pride myself on putting a lot of thought behind what I give. For me, it's not so much the gift itself but the concept or idea behind it. I've always maintained you could give someone almost anything and it would be a lovely present if there was a real and compelling motivation, thought or personal story behind it that you could bring to life, wrap with a bow and present with love. When people say "It's the thought that counts", this is the part for me that is paramount.

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