November 09, 2014

JING Tea | The Gift of Time

Thousand mountains greeted my departing friend
When spring tea flourishing again
His profound knowledge about picking tea
Through morning mist or twilight clouds
That solitary journey has being my envy
Rendezvous in a temple of a remote mountain
We enjoyed picnic by a clear pebble fountain
In this silent night
Lit a candle light
Knocked a marble bell for chime
While deep in thought for old time.
Black Teas from Jing Tea
 When it comes to buying gifts, I pride myself on putting a lot of thought behind what I give. For me, it's not so much the gift itself but the concept or idea behind it. I've always maintained you could give someone almost anything and it would be a lovely present if there was a real and compelling motivation, thought or personal story behind it that you could bring to life, wrap with a bow and present with love. When people say "It's the thought that counts", this is the part for me that is paramount.

Jing Tea Gifts
With Christmas just around the corner, I'm prepared with an idea that I think will delight and continue to give over the years to come. 

Just recently, my father's wife had her birthday and, as a lover of luxury and of good tea, JING seemed just the ticket. However, with such a broad range to choose from, I wanted to be sure I was choosing exactly what she liked and so I made the decision to buy her the JING Tea Explorer Set, which showcases ten of their teas from across the range from white, to green and through to black. This, I feel, makes the perfect taster kit and introduction to the brand.

If you're not familiar with JING Tea, they are pursuers of the world's finest tea and capture it within an experience that reveals the spirit of ancient tea culture in modern ceremonies - from their hand-blown glassware that takes up to five-days to make, to the exquisite aroma of the leaves themselves that encapsulate the characteristics of the terrain from which they are sought, and unfurl before your eyes as your infusion deepens.
Yunnan Gold Tea
For me, there is no competition when it comes to buying luxury tea. Some companies come across as twee, some completely muddle the purity of flavours with odd concoctions and others profess to having unrealistic health benefits. Take your tea as you like it, of course, but none harness the culture and experience of tea quite like JING.
Yunnan Gold Tea Leaves Infused
(Always be sure to sniff and appreciate your tea leaves)

Reading a little more around the word Jing, I discovered that it means essence of the spirit.

'Essence is that which is bestowed by Nature. It is rooted in the beginningless, espied in the absolute, and becomes fragmented in the temporal.'

 In ancient Chinese culture, we are all born with Jing but it can suffer under stress, diet and lifestyle. To nurture it, we can feed and nourish ourselves well but to balance with our body's core, forms of mediation to refine and restore the senses are invaluable. The pursuit of disciplines such as tai chi is one such example, as is the ritual of tea.

Jing has carefully immersed these elements within their product range - especially with their beautiful glass tea timer, that allows three-minutes for the perfect infusion and celebrates the ceremony of ritual; that time is special, and each grain of sand is a moment of kindness to your wellbeing.
And so for a modern and determinedly busy woman, I felt that JING's tea gifts were the perfect choice. Now that I know which tea is her favourite, I can slowly invest at each special occasion in a new piece of glassware and caddies of her tea of choice that might change with each season, as the tea does itself.

 Offering her not only excellent quality tea but also a chance to step away from the day-to-day, I hope she can experience tea for what it was intended to be and what I'm sure will bring her moments of peace; the gift of time.
Jing Tea Glass Timer - a great tea gift and perfect place to buy tea online

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