January 13, 2014

Attendant Cafe, London

Brian's Coffee Spot Attendant Cafe
Whilst nattering over a cup of coffee with Brian of Brian's Coffee Spot back in the autumn, he kindly came to share some of his favourite gaffs within the city of London and so it is that I have slowly been ticking them off my list. 

Possibly the capital's quirkiest caffeine-hit, Attendant is located below street level in what used to be a Victorian Public Toilet. 
Door at Attendant Cafe
Yes, I know. How curious indeed but how very unique - you'd be hard pressed to find another place quite like it. 
Bar at Attendant Cafe London
Suitably combining its awesome ornate charm with modern touches, it makes the perfect subterranean hideaway from the busy surrounding area of Central London (if you can get past the fact that it used to be a gent's bog). 

It's small, intimate and beautifully lit, making a great backdrop to a coffee (or cold brew) with a friend. 
My coffee pal at Attendant Cafe London
My pal Myles and I were thrilled with all the finer details, as music played softly in the background blending with the natter of conversations - this place seats only a handful of people and looking around, I could envisage it being ideal for a small meeting.
Urinals at Attendant Cafe London

Victorian Public Toilet Cafe London

Cold Brew at Attendant Cafe London
Such underworld exclusivity is well worth a visit next time you're central, especially if you're looking for something a little more clandestine than your local Starbucks. 

So just who will you be taking to Attendant, and why? 

January 07, 2014

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