January 05, 2014

A Weekend Walk #3

Rarrr! Merry weekend and Happy New Year to you all. 

I hope you all had a suitably decadent time with those you love.

It's back to work tomorrow and so for the past few days of my fleeting freedom, I put my best foot forward and took to London, walking off all of that lovely port I have been supping and here are just a few of the places I discovered.

Prizes for those who can guess where I have been.

(Prizes: Brownie points)
Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace

The Horniman Museum

The V&A garden hot chocolate

Weekend Walk



  1. I am dumb and have no idea where you have been, but it looks epic!

  2. Looks like a lovely weekend walk! Happy new year. :)

  3. Thanks for an inspirational post to take my little boy for a walk around Crystal Palace (if thats right) havent been to that park in years!


  4. Ooh, looks like Crystal Palace (there was a great book called 'Fanny & The Monsters' set there that I had when I was little...), and Columbia Road. And a pretty floral cup from the V&A. You get around, lady! What a wonderful weekend...


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