August 30, 2012

Sally's Perfect Day, Barcelona

Hi hi hi!

Well, for those of you that are pals with me via the medium of Facebook, you'll know that I was pretty excited last night about an article I had published on Rob Dobson's great website 'Homage to Barcelona'.

I'm writing stuff all the time at the moment but this article was bashed out in a creative frenzy and I had a really fun time doing it. I imagine it's probably because of the subject matter and the fact that I'll be leaving this city and all its lovely people behind in less than two weeks. Anyway, I think the article is a really great example of my time here and something I will enjoy reading again and again until I'm so old I can't see anymore and then I'll make my Grandchildren sit on my knee and laugh at them when they try to pronounce 'mellifluous'. I'm a crazy, nostalgic loon like that.
You can read the article here. Go ahead and click 'like' if it pleases you. I hope you enjoy it. As always, I love to hear your comments.
Figs at the Boqueria Market... my Grandfather used to call my Grandma 'Fig'... I thought that was a pretty cute fact. xxx
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