August 29, 2012

Three Things I Love #1

Good day, dears!

Today I want to share three things that I love with you. In fact, I think I might even do so on a regular basis just to spread some happiness on my puzzled slice of life. Let me provide a little context. Imagine a line. Pretend that one side is excitement and that the other is worry. Well. I'm walking a tight-rope on that line, you see and it makes me feel slightly nervous. Especially when fresh news means I don't even know where I will be living two weeks from now but hey ho! Life goes on and I've got bigger fish to fry (and eat)...

1. Tomatoes
Probably not what you expected me to say, right? Well it is true. I am a big tomato lover. As a girl, I used to shine them on my lapel and eat them like apples. I love to pick them. I love to smell them when they're all vine-y and earthy and, above all, I love to eat them! (minus the pips because they hurt my gums)... Mmm...
A turbulent tomato frenzy

2. Super funny pictures from 1960s 'Labores Del Hogar' Magazine
Did I ever tell you about the time I lived in the Parallel district of Barcelona and was chased by a semi-naked guy with a leopard-print blanket? Well, it happened. I had just come across a pile of 1960s magazines and was hoarding them back to my grotto when he took chase. Turns out he didn't want no 'blonde tourist bitch' taking stuff from his barrio. Turns out, I got away and kept them anyway. SUCKER.
3. My new purchases!
Sometimes, just sometimes, a girl has to stop buying her shiz from dirty piles on the floor at the market and splash a little cash. As it was recently my birthday, I treated myself to these two gems...
An 'S' brooch, because my name is Sally and don't you forget it.
Oh and a fox-print jumper because I saw it in a boutique in the Gracia district and fell in love with how soft it was and every girl needs an animal-related jumper next season, apparently. I would have preferred cats but you gotta go with the flow sometimes and let these minor details go.

So there you have it. Three happy things. My friend Leila likes cheese. Rebecca finds that dill pickle from Sainsbury's tickles her fancy. What about you? What do YOU like? You might as well tell me because I am unemployed (except for super cool freelance work with Secret Escapes) and I spend a lot of my time eating cake and reading blogs. Go ahead and knock my socks off.


  1. Good for you getting out there and splurging on yourself! I love raw milk and french baguettes. Honey bees also, and baby lambs (alive and with rosemary).


  2. How do you get past the wool?

  3. Cor, that jumper is super! I like cuddling dogs, the feel of new socks and eating chocolate. X

  4. So glad you splashed out on the brooch! It's deeply lovely and I know you've had your eye on it... the jumper is foxy too. I just can't touch wool in this heat so jumper shopping must wait till we're down to say 30% humidity x

  5. Glad you outran that man with his leopard print blanket, that could've turned nasty. The jumper looks ace, I prefer cats too, but settled for owls recently. I love avocados. xx

  6. I saw the owl pants! They rock! And I also love avocados... We should have an avocado party when I´m back in the UK...

  7. The new purchases are primo! I like trashy reality tv (ATM, Love and Hip Hop in Atlanta), plain past with tons of butter and salt, and picking at spots.

  8. I thought I was the only odd person that loved the butter/salt combo! We need to get back on the email. I don't have much to update you on but I can tell you about the crusty big ones on my forehead that are to die for (pick-wise)...

    1. Oh yeah, salt and butter is an amazing one two punch combo! One day I've got to get up to Brittany.

  9. Great entry. I too love, love, love tomatoes. Been making lots of caprese salads with them lately.


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