August 30, 2012

Sally's Perfect Day, Barcelona

Hi hi hi!

Well, for those of you that are pals with me via the medium of Facebook, you'll know that I was pretty excited last night about an article I had published on Rob Dobson's great website 'Homage to Barcelona'.

I'm writing stuff all the time at the moment but this article was bashed out in a creative frenzy and I had a really fun time doing it. I imagine it's probably because of the subject matter and the fact that I'll be leaving this city and all its lovely people behind in less than two weeks. Anyway, I think the article is a really great example of my time here and something I will enjoy reading again and again until I'm so old I can't see anymore and then I'll make my Grandchildren sit on my knee and laugh at them when they try to pronounce 'mellifluous'. I'm a crazy, nostalgic loon like that.
You can read the article here. Go ahead and click 'like' if it pleases you. I hope you enjoy it. As always, I love to hear your comments.
Figs at the Boqueria Market... my Grandfather used to call my Grandma 'Fig'... I thought that was a pretty cute fact. xxx


  1. Your article was wonderful. I thoroughly love your word choice throughout the piece. It was a quick reminder that I must must must widen my vocabulary. Those figs look yummy, and because we don't have them here, I want them more!

  2. Barcelona is one of my favourite places but I must admit we didn't research the place well enough when we went last time. I'm going to be sure to be taking notes from your blog for our next visit! xx


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