April 14, 2013

A Cat's Life #5

I spent the week quietly musing over the events of the weekend past and looking to the future. I'm uncertain as to whether I should stay in Canterbury or cut my losses and head back to the mothership.
It's difficult to think seriously about anything for long enough to make a sound decision because I'm always on the go and have hardwired my brain into distraction mode to avoid processing painful things like love, life and that persistently nagging question of 'what the f*ck are you doing, Gurteen?'

If I do go, it'll be a click my fingers, pack my bag and jump on the train kind of decision.
That's the thing with decisions. Sometimes you just have to make them and roll with it.

Anyway, the mothership herself came to town to visit and we had plenty of wine and lunch at the Good Shed and a good catch up. There's no better way to distract yourself than with food and wine.
The food there is really rather wonderful, as is the building. If you're in Canterbury for the afternoon or evening, I really couldn't recommend it more. Click here to go to the website or here to read a witty article by that Marina O'Loughlin character from the Guardian. She's a real hoot.

Speaking of food, my week really wasn't much more eventful apart from a delightful meet-up with two of my oldest and dearest pals. We rouged it up at Bedales wine place on the perimeter of Borough Market while we were waiting for a table (that I managed to blag with a bit of cheeky charm) at Elliot's Cafe, which is invariably always fully booked. 
We went Spanish style and ordered a whole raft of plates to share including celeriac with smoked anchovies, broccoli with brown butter eggs and steak tartare. Noticing they had cortado on the coffee menu, we forged ahead on our euro-cool vibe and finished off the meal with some very fine caffeine indeed. 

How cute are these little cups? I love anything you can wrap your hands around. Forget handles. They're overrated, don't you think?

And that's it folks. Another week gone by and not a lot more conquered. 


How was your week anyway please? Do tell. 

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