November 15, 2013

Newington Green Veg Shop

I woke up last Sunday morning to a beautiful blue sky and sunshine that streamed into my room and covered me like warm, melted butterscotch but yet there was a decisive nip in the air and so snuggling a little further under the covers, I thought to myself: today is the perfect day for a little soup making.

Now, it might seem a touch obscure to include this place within the series but not only has it seen me through some tough financial times it also remains a place of inspiration, a kaleidoscope of colour and earthy treasures. 

My love for the Newington Green veg shop is such that I actually take people there as if it were a tourist attraction. 

Sophie Hughes, formerly of Manor House N4, once breathlessly said "Gosh, this is like vegetable porn."

And vegetable porn it is. A whole heaving shop full. 
Vegetables at Newington Green Veg Shop, London
The shop front itself is a delight with its fruity frontiers and tomato tonnes, alight with autumn sun and smile shadows. 

Yes, that's right, shadows from the smiles on faces.
Opening early, all the way through past 9pm in the evening, the shop is rarely empty- with people queuing up, baskets brimming, faces full of concentration and thoughts of what they might make from their colourful hoard.
Once over the threshold, the dimly lit shop reveals more and more treasures. If you think of any vegetable or herb, you'll likely to find it here in all sorts of shades, shapes and sizes.
I'm fond of taking a tenner and an empty bag and filling it up with as much as I can. 

These here carrots made a wonderful rainbow coloured coleslaw with dates and pumpkin seeds.
And the rest of my ingredients saw their way into a creamy celeriac soup with honey roasted parsnips, topped with a handful of salty samphire and a sprinkling of smoked paprika. 

(The eggs saw their way into a late brunch the following morning)
For what it's worth, I'd go so far as to say that Newington Green Veg shop is actually one of my favourite places in the city. 

Thanks shallot for reading, folks!

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