October 07, 2012

Sunday Walk, Shottenden, Kent

Today was one of those days where everything goes a little tits up. We had planned to go to the Chilham Craft Fair but lots of things delayed us. We finally all clambered into the car around 3pm (I had been up since 9am), with Bruce the greyhound and I sharing the backseat. Halfway down the road we realised that we had a flat tyre. It wouldn't be so bad but with the harvest another tyre had gone kaput the week before so we had no spare... we were on the verge of despair but after some potato waffles and spaghetti hoops we decided that the only thing for it was to go and collect firewood for the cool evening that is approaching and order food in. We even have a rubbish film to watch and an abundance of Peanut Butter Cups (29p at Sainsbury's if you're interested).

We got a bit snap happy on our walk and wanted to share the recipe for forest/orchard fun times with you. Maybe one day you'll come and join us? Don't forget to pack your cardigan!

Put your best paw forward!
Soak up the beams of light
And watch the fungi grow
Dick around on the apple crates
Or perform some sprightly leaps
Dont forget the whole reason you went out in the first place.. FIREWOOD
 What's in the pipe??!
And look at the cascades of red
Make an angry phone call
And finally rush home to start a fire and admire your horse chestnuts!
Now we're just waiting for a curry and mixing homemade rose hip syrup with gin.

Not such a bad Sunday after all!


  1. Like the red leaf pictures!! xxx

  2. looks like a perfect day to me!

  3. me encanta la foto con el teléfono!
    Que Tal?

  4. Thanks Eleanor and Lauren!

    Y 'Andypandy' estoy bien, muy bien gracias. Y tu? Que tal? Todo bien?


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