February 25, 2013

Charity Shop Finds Part One

So, being employed in three different minimum wage jobs does not bode well for the old wardrobe sometimes. There have been eras where I've simply had to put plastic bags around my feet before putting them into my hole-filled boots on rainy days.
 Luckily, I've been poor for a bloody long time and I am quite accustomed to a good old root in a charity shop or through piles of clothes at the flea market and these types of tragedies are mostly avoided. 

Here are a few of the things I have had the pleasure to stumble upon lately:

Liberty Print Cropped Shirt Oxfam £1.99 
Look at those colours! This shirt is a winning example of a great find- you can't see so well in this pic but there are tiny birds all over it. It's sleeveless so will also be a summertime staple. I love the way it looks against the black, like sapphire.
Green Leather Pumps The Pilgrim's Hospice £4 
I found these bad boys on a day when I desperately needed a pair of shoes for work- my hole-filled booties just couldn't cut it anymore. Turns out they are waaaay too small and the pain meant I nearly killed some people. Expect to see these on eBay VERY soon.
Print Scarf 50p, some place in Margate
So there I was on some housing estate in Cliftonville (Margate) with my pal Mark and there was a random charity shop. I love these kinds. Everything is always so cheap and the old dear in charge is normally starved for human company and always eager to chat. I picked up this little beaut for a mere 50p. I love the colours and am currently trying to figure a way to tie it around my head. 
Lightening Bolt Stamp, RG Scotts £1
Would it be totally wrong to coat this in eyeshadow and print it onto my right temple at the weekends?
I personally don't think it would.
Crushed Velvet Tie Dyed Dress, Shelter, £6.50
Utterly repulsive on the hanger, I decided to try this number on anyway and was surprised by how well it fit. Saying that, there's no way I could make cocktails in it. I can just see myself lifting the shaker above my head and the whole thing bursting off like a tie dye Hulk. 
The sleeves on the dress are particularly wonderful. You can go for demure (like in the pic) or puff them up like some kind of mental princess. 
I'm still not completely convinced that it's not entirely insane but who cares? It was £6.50 and I'm fairly certain it's a one of a kind affair. 
There are so many more wonderful items that I have found lately. I don't often write about shopping but I'm thinking that now I have the City Kitty for all my adventure writing, the Cafe Cat might have to feature more of this kind of thing. Expect to see my amazing collection of blouses very soon... I bet you can't wait.


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  1. lovely finds :) and your hair is beautiful!!

  2. Hi Ooh i love the dress, have a lovely day.



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