March 11, 2013

A Cat's Life #1

It's been just another week for the Cafe Cat, wandering here, wandering there... climbing high and low.

I still don't have a room so my small suitcase is still rolling on and on, picking up winter's debris in the wheels, but every cloud has a silver lining because even though I sometimes run out of clean clothes, I get a little bit of everything and everyone in my life. 

Recently, I've met with some seriously lovely people, which after a grey period peppered with total knobheads, has been a welcome respite. I sometimes get myself into a tizzy when I go to meet almost complete strangers for coffee but I'm always pleasantly surprised by who I find and the new friendships I forge.

Apart from random coffee dating, I went to London for sushi with my best friend Charlotte...
Where I also had coffee with the nice, young editor of a place for which I want to work at this super cool London cafe on Leather Lane.
 Later in the day I went on a mammoth stroll, images of which you can see on my city blog The City Kitty, and I sat and drank tea at the Department of Coffee and Social Affairs, writing cards for loved ones and making notes on life in my book.
This tea was wonderful, it had tiny rose petals in it and tasted like my childhood when my best friend Bobbie and I would make potions out of herbs and flowers in the garden.
Speaking of flowers, my pretty pal Claire and I went to the dreamiest place by the name of Essentially Hops, where there is a small, stone building brimming with dried flowers... see for yourselves!
I want to go back here and write a full article. I'll be going one day soon, who wants to come? 

The weather may have turned dull, grey and cold again but over at Badgers Hill Farm, we've been getting ready for the spring.

 And just look at my chocolate animal display that the munchkins of Kent have been thoroughly enjoying!
 I finally got back to the village last night where I'll be for the next few days, hiding from the cold and spending quality time with creepy Buddy and his scabby nose, who was so pleased to see me last night that he tried to climb into my mouth.
Even the elusive ninja Little Bear stopped by to say hello this morning. I think she's a little scared of the blizzard that's going on outside. 
 Wrap up warm folks, it's going to be a cold week!



  1. It really is freezing at the mo! Aww Buddy <3 <3 So creepy yet so cute. Glad life is smiling at you. As a near stranger I'd love to have coffee with you if you're ever in London again ;) xx

  2. nice pictures, looks like you had a great time! :)

  3. Is one of those cards for me?


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