March 25, 2013

A Cat's Life #3

Another week gone by in our waiting game for the spring to arrive and in my personal quest for world domination. In between little meetings here and there, I had time for a touch of river dwelling and coffee drinking, as always. 
At Bramleys, we had a fantastic secret Speak Easy event with live music, special cocktails, a roulette table and plenty of candlelight. If you're from the Canterbury area, be sure to check out Hundredclub Bramleys on Facebook for further events. 

Easter is almost here, as is evident in the Madame Oiseau chocolate shop- look at these treats!
Elsewhere in Canterbury, people gathered for the enthronement of our new Archbishop but also in defence of NHS cuts. We watched it all from a secret space with a jacket potato.
And finally on Sunday, we wandered down the long lane to the Calico Cat Craft Fair at Chilham Village Hall... you can read more about it here.
We had a great time drinking tea and picking up little pieces from some of Kent's cutest crafters. 

Enough about me though! What about you? How was your week and what happened in your city?

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  1. Personally I love any kinds of pet like cat, dog, bird etc. I've also various pet in my home and I love them so much :) I've enjoyed your blog too :)

  2. Love the photos, especially the one looking through the window. I am busy hunkering down, still waiting for the arrival of Spring :/


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