November 04, 2014

Celia's Saucer | Hazelnut Chocolate Cupcakes

If you follow my Instagram, it might appear as if I spend all my time in the kitchen.

This isn't true. I only spend a lot of time there and so sometimes, it's just easier to cut corners when whipping up Sunday afternoon delights to share with friends at tea time. 

Cupcakes are an easy pleaser - you can follow the basic '4' recipe (4oz sugar, 4oz butter, 4oz flour and 2-eggs), which makes a dozen and then it's simply all about the frills.
Chocolate Cupcakes
A lovely idea I came across recently was to pop a Lindor Truffle in the batter just before you slide them into the oven, giving a gooey centre. I tried this with their winter Limited Edition Milk and White Truffles version but you can choose from their broad range - think caramel, coconut or buy a box of their online exclusive pick and mix where you can choose your own, giving you a little something for everyone.

Lindt Hazelnut Chocolate Frosting
 Ready-made frosting is usually always a bad idea unless, again, you're adding your own twist, like a shot of espresso to Betty Crocker's chocolate fudge.

Turning to Lindt again, I used their newly launched hazelnut chocolate spread (think posh nutella) and blended it with icing sugar and a splash of cream which, when set, turned it into a wonderfully fudge-esque fondant.
Fudgy, gooey hazelnut chocolate cupcakes
And so the Sunday hoard was pleased... and I even managed to save one for my Monday morning walk to work - what a breakfast!

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