August 09, 2017

A Note on Photography | Workshops with Carole Poirot

(The Space at Clapham Studios, Lavender Hill)

I recently had the pleasure of attending a photography workshop run by my brilliant friend Carole Poirot. Carole and I have worked together for a few years now on tea projects for JING and I have always admired her incredible skill of creating still life photography - her work is genuinely an art.

If you're looking for a photography workshop that teaches you how better to use your camera, as well as learn how to style, you'd be hard pressed to find another class that gives you so much value (and a delicious homemade lunch with cake, too).

Without giving too much away, below you'll find pictures from the day, some basics around the course outline, and some of my attempts with my new knowledge. 

Carole makes delicious food to eat and style with

And is a patient, attentive and engaging teacher

My attempts at still life style photography with my very basic Canon 1100D
(and a lovely Persian Love Cake I made for work)

We had a special visitor, too.

The Day Covers


Shutter Speed


 Theory of styling
Overall Composition
Scale & Proportion
Positive & Negative Space
Rule of Thirds (for vignettes)
Colour Theory

Above all, Carole stressed working with your own style to be authentic and choosing carefully the theme or themes of your story - what inspires you the most? For me, it's postcard-style landscapes and, of course, some of my recipes. The class therefore, was just perfect.

And so I continue my (pretty slow) quest to taking better pictures.

With thanks to Carole for being a wonderful teacher.

Upcoming course dates can be found here > 

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