August 06, 2017

Earl Grey Truffles | Celia's Saucer

There's nothing easier but as impressive as a chocolate truffle. Especially when it's infused with sweet, uplifting Earl Grey tea. It makes a great gift if you're low on budget but want to create something with a little love and not a lot of time. 


Infuse 10g of  loose leaf JING Earl Grey with 250ml double cream by bringing this to the boil and setting aside for ten minutes to infuse. 

Snap 325g of milk or dark chocolate into small pieces (I used a mixture of both). 
Strain your cream mixture and discard the tea leaves. Bring to the boil again and quickly pour this over your chocolate, whisking to melt it down to a smooth liquid. 

Leave to set in the fridge. When firm, scoop out small amounts and quickly roll into balls in the palm of your hands before tossing in ground cinnamon to coat. 

Store in the fridge or a very cool, dark place and consume within 3-days for best. 

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