May 16, 2013

A Cat's Life #8

Phew! This week was a big one. I took so many pictures, I had to put them all into collages.
A strong whiff of potential is hanging in the air... I have been interviewing with a company I rather like indeed and now I'm just waiting to hear the results. Fingers crossed for me please. It's about time I had a break in the job department and got myself a room to call my own and a kitchen in which to cook up cauldrons of delights.

I had to go to London to give a presentation and once it was over, I shacked up at my brother's house and made a delicious meal for us to share. We skyped our sister and gave her total sibling grief. 
Technology is amazing, isn't it? She's all the way over in Tarragona and for free we can all sit and blow raspberries at one another. We enjoyed big bowls of white bean and potato stew with juicy sausages. I'm more or less vegetarian these days but a little meat sometimes is a treat and this recipe is just lovely. 
The week saw plenty of coffee drinking. Starting with the Refectory Kitchen in Canterbury- the perfect spot for a pre-station stop. I discovered a marvellously friendly little cafe around the corner from my brother's in Finsbury Park called Vagabond where I wrote long notes on new things that have captivated my attention- I can't stop scribbling lately! A jaunt to Prufrock was also utterly necessary for a caffeine blast. No joke, the coffee there will send you sky high (as will the smiles from handsome and pretty baristas).
Refectory Kitchen Canterbury, Vagabond Coffee, Prufrock Coffee
 I caught up with a dear old friend that I haven't spent much time with in years. We went to the amazing Grant Museum of Zoology at UCL and spent a couple of hours hiding from the rain. It was packed with pickled animals, skeletons and taxidermy and it's completely free. We had a silly time writing whacky poetry and taking snaps. 
A wonderfully nightmarish treat.
Speaking of friends, I was very blessed to see so many this week. With lovely curly Kit from Barcelona, my pretty little Holly from the days of university and many others, we went to lots of great places to catch up. Did you know that at the weekends you can get a superbly cheap bottle of plonk at the Good's Shed Market in Canterbury? Kit and I shared a great Rioja for only £7.
Holly and I enjoyed free prosecco at Pizza Express (you can't say no to vouchers like that) and then dinky cocktails at the charmingly European 69 Colebrooke Row in Angel. Mine was a fine blend of merlot cognac, chamomile syrup and smoked frankincense. 

The Goods Shed, 69 Colebrooke Row
I finally returned to the village and farm today and set to chatting with Pumpkin and Rose, who always like to keep me company while I'm making ploughman's lunches in the hope of a little square of butter. 
As soon as my shift was over, I headed up into the orchards and forest. Bursting with apple blossom and bluebells, it felt so good to get some fresh air and let my mind fill up with excited thoughts for the future.
Did you get up to anything exciting? 

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