August 10, 2013

An Evening with Ponti's Italian Kitchen, London

With deep roots in Emilia Romagna, Ponti's Italian Kitchen delivers affordable and authentic Italian cuisine tailored to tell a story of tradition and passion for food to a British audience.

When invited to Ponti's as a celebration of their 50th anniversary, I could hardly refuse an evening of prosecco, tastings of the new menu and a pizza-making competition, could I?

A delightful evening ensued with plenty of treats and excellent company.
Proud of their heritage, dishes are carefully selected from the Northern region and imported into the hands of chefs who translate them into simple and honest fare.

Charming and friendly, there wasn't a moment where my glass wasn't brimming with bubbles- Ponti's certainly know how to make you feel welcome and at home, extending a warm hospitality to all.

After hours of good conversation and languishing at the table, our competitive instincts kicked in and, donning aprons, we took place at our stations and got stuck in, pausing for sips in between the intense work.
 Left to our own creative devices, we took to the task at hand excitedly and lovingly lavished our bases with layers of fresh sauce, cheese and our personal choice of toppings. 

With so much good wine, it wasn't long before things got a little heated between The Very Hungry Traveller, Eat Cook Explore and Ben Norum, who were all secretly hoping to win...
But guess who the winner was? 
The City Kitty, that's who!

 I never win anything usually and Ponti's generously bestowed me with a bottle of prosecco, a beautiful box of chocolate covered amaretti biscuits and a whole host of compliments. I even convinced the chef to let me and my companion take home some tiramisu.

A fantastic night was had by all. The pizza school wasn't just for us either- for £18 per head, you can also spend the night creating your perfect pizza. What a great date idea!

For good value, honest food with fabulous service and a quiet but central location, you can't go far wrong with a visit to Ponti's.


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